The Ritz-Carlton is a must-go place when traveling in Hong Kong. 

Not because it's the Ritz, but because this hotel is the HIGHEST built hotel in the world!

The Hotel is located between the 103 -118 floor. When I entered the hotel and walked toward the elevators to get to the reception on the 103rd floor, a smiling receptionist suddenly approached me and said, you must be Ms. Peggy and Mr. Patrick...I won't lie, we felt like superstars...I was shocked and just asked how does she know me. She said, I prepared your room and I have been looking to your arrival...


She then took us to the reception and helped me with the check-in. 

After my check-in, another receptionist guided us to the room and introduced the Ritz Carlton.


When the door and window curtains opened, we were astonished by the view from the room. You don’t have to go outside, simply just stay at the hotel and enjoy it. The receptionist then said, welcome home. First, I was confused, cuz I was really far from home but then, our pictures were put all over the room as we were really at our sweet home! SO SWEET!!

What else you can do in a hotel that has the highest swimming pool in the world. Located on the 116th floor, the swimming pool and the gym are overlooking Victoria Harbour. When I was standing there, around 450 meters high above the ground, I wast sure if I should swim or keep taking pictures of the breathtaking view from the infinity swimming pool. 

Later on the day, we were invited to the Ozone bar that is located on the rooftop of the hotel and is the HIGHEST bar in the world. We ordered 2 drinks with mini burgers and wagyu beef. This was a perfect place to stay during the sunset, watching the city waking up into the night. 

Breakfast in the clouds with the view of pilots. This is how it feels to eat breakfast in the highest hotel in the world. The food is super tasty and the choice of different dishes is very wide. Having breakfast on the 102nd floor overlooking the Hong Kong skyline is definitely an inspiring way to start any day.

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