How to create a Media Kit - example of my MK in the text

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

To reach out to brands and potential advertisers with the benefits of advertising on your instagram, you should have a professional looking CV in place. A media kit is a visual representation of who you are, what is your target audience and the reach/impressions.

Your Media Kit should be concise but give the most information that will nominate you as a potential match.

So what your MK must include?

Brief and Clear Mission Statement

- who you are and what your blog is about

Audience Insight

- Some brands target men, some women, some target young millennials, while some others may target senior citizens (use this information wisely when contacting brands)

Posts Reach/Impressions

- Impressions are far more important than how many followers you have (showcase it)

You can also include some of your favorite pictures and show their insights!

For creating Media Kit I have used Canva, that is a powerful yet easy way for a graphical designer newbie like me.

It is also a pretty cheap/free alternative to create your social media resume instead of paying to a graphical designer.

Here is a look on my a bit older version

I use PDF to share my Media Kit with brands.

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