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Updated: Nov 11, 2019

At the beginning of October I visited my dream destination Dubai!!

With my boyfriend, we escaped the cold weather, and it was amazing to feel the heat and wear summer outfit again during October! The best decision ever to travel to Dubai during this time!

We chose to stay at the Oberoi Hotel Dubai, since I checked the website and I was attracted by their Italian marble bathroom! It didn't disappoint me at all. The view from the bath is so stunning. I spent morning, afternoon and night to enjoy the large bath tube with the stunning views you can see above.

Morning wake up with Dubai cityscape view

The first few days we stayed at deluxe room with cityscape view as you see from the picture. The room was super large and it had floor to ceiling large windows. It was so nice to observe the view from the bed before I went to sleep.

Deluxe city view room bathroom view

The hotel's staff was very nice to update our room to the premier room, with the Burji Khalifa view. Isn't it amazing?!

All the rooms have floor to ceiling windows that you can enjoy the city views as mush as you can. Since you wake up, you can can enjoy the breathtaking view of the world's tallest building straight from your bed. It is unforgettable feeling that I just felt so fortunate to be able to be there.

The service of the hotel was really perfect. Every staff is very friendly and helpful. The first day of our arrival, they even prepared a little surprise for me (see video).

In addition, everyday we stayed outside whole day sightseeing in the city in a state of exhaustion. However, once we came back to hotel every night, all the tiredness got released by seeing the clean room, lying on our comfortable king-size bed, and taking a good warm bath.

I will definitely recommend their breakfast buffet at Nine7One. The ambience was attractive, the food was delicious, the spread was lavish, and the staff was very helpful and friendly. We had someone taking care of us everyday, and helping us to experience the local cuisine by offering meals that only the locals would know about. We have tasted the Arabic and many other international foods, including Indian, English and French, etc and most of the food tasted so good. (I did not like the dim sum so much)

You will also need to try the honey, which they served four different flavors and you can taste the fresh honey extract from the honeycomb.

Beside, the hotel has a swimming pool surrounding by skyscraper where you can chill and cool down during the heat weather.

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