How to Start Collaborating with Hotels

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Don't forget, nothing is for free, and if you start collaborating with hotels, most of them is going to ask you to do a lot in exchange of free stay!

But if its something you like to do, if you can take amazing pictures and create a nice vlogs, you have a pretty high chance of finding a hotel that will offer you to spend a night or 2 for free.

Holets are a way bigger deal than brands and products that can be shared from anywhere in the world.

To convince hotels to start collaborating with you, you should have a record of hotels visits on your social media and your focus should be on traveling. Even if you have many followers, hotels may not accept you as a potential/appealing collaboration match because your audience is not following you because of traveling.

I recommend you to start small!

We all dream of staying in luxurious 5* hotels and that's why you should not contact them If you are not a full time travel influencer because they are overwhelmed with mails from people who already are.

But instead aim for a nice 3* hotels, the competition in this segment is huge!!

3* hotels are the most common in most of the cities, and although it doesn't sounds so luxurious like a stay at a 5*, there are plenty 3* that offers the same standards as more expansive hotels and they will be much more willing to offer you a collaboration.

Also, your audience will really appreciate it. because only a few individuals are able to stay at 5*, most of your audience will be so happy if you recommend them a beautiful and affordable place that they will likely visit on their next trip.

And this is how I started!

I visited nice 3* hotels in Paris that were in great locations and had good reviews. My followers appreciated it and I received a few feedbacks from my followers who visited the recommended hotels. Then on this basis I was able to show more luxurious hotels that I can do the same job for them, and this is how I got my first 5* hotel collaborations.

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