How to collaborate with brands: 3 steps process that will help you to close the deal

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

I have been in instagram business for a while and same like most of us, I have started from scratch.

My influencer career started in 2015, when I started actively posting pictures and hoped to become influencer in no time.

Of course that didn't happened and I had to earn it...

Here are my best tips to start collaborating with brand:

1st step

Create a media kit where you explain something about yourself and why you are the right fit for the brand to start a collaboration with you.

Media kit is something that not many people do on social media, and since I started using my media kit, I have noticed that brands treat me much more seriously and I have been able to negotiate some really good deals and conditions.

Read more about how to create a Media Kit here

2nd step

Don't just write every brand you can find something like : Hi let's collaborate!!

Unless you are already someone, that strategy won't work for you...

Instead, choose brands that are really close to your style and perhaps start with smaller no name brands who may not offer the highest quality of products but once you get to collaborate with them, you will gain more confidence.

Once you have already collaborated with some brands, people will take notice that something is happening and they will take you more seriously.

3rd step

Write emails that will be very personal and look professional.

Brands receives hundreds of mails every day. The difference between Y/N answer may only be your email. Tend to impress from the first sight. You have higher chance that someone will actually read your mail carefully and you get at least a feedback.

Also, always treat people with respect and be kind. I had a few experiences when I just wanted to say the F word because some peoples negotiation process is really rude or taught but I calmed myself down, and politely replied...many times this professional behavior brought me the sweet deal I could not even imagine coming.

Last tip:

Be relentless. never give up.

It took me a lot of time, people doubts about what am I doing, and generally a lot of hard work to get where I am now, not an overnight success...but relentless always pays out.

I'll be happy to hear from you about your experiences and your comments on this topic!!

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