Hotel Flanelles Paris

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Staying in Hotel Flanelles Paris was a completely new experience.

This hotel has no limits when it comes to comfort and letting you feel like you have never left your sweet home. At the Flanelles, everything is done for the guests' enjoyment and pleasure, to make life easier and match all needs and wishes.

During my visit here, I have stayed in the Studio room with a removable ceiling so when I went to sleep I was watching the stars above me...Unforgettable!

Because of the ceiling window, the room is super sunny that will help you have the best looking morning bed pictures. 

There is a bar where you don't need to ask anyone anything...if you want to have a drink or a coffee you don't need to ask anyone, just feel free to take it. 

If you are hungry, they offer a free of charge everyday homemade cake presented for everyone on the bar.   

If you want to go to the Sauna at 2 am, just let the staff know 10 minutes ahead so they can heat it up for you. 

Moreover, as a fashion lover, we all need to shoot a lots of outfits or make ourself looking beautiful sightseeing in Paris, the city of love, and the hotel provides standing steam iron for you to remove the wrinkles from clothes. Isn't a sweet service?

Also, the breakfast is super yummy and all the food is carefully selected from the local market! Fresh and BIO!

What's more, breakfast is served all day. As they told me, experience life at your own pace.

At the Flanelles, the service is really made to measure to each and every guest. This little attention to detail will make you feel incredibly comfy just like when you are home.

You will wish to stay a bit longer...

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