My Best Places to Take Instagram Pictures in Paris that Will Help you to Increase your Engagement and Likes

Celine Homme

Whenever I take pictures on this corner, It always works.


My posts here reach 3-5k likes every time I posts and it is also the place that helped me to go from hundreds of likes to thousands.


My tip for this place is to wear something dark as it creates a nice contrast with the wall!!

Musée de l'Orangerie

In general, museum posts from Paris are very popular. But finding a good place or not overcrowded museum can be a hassle. 


This beautiful museum is not so busy in terms of waiting in the line for the entrance and offers amazing paintings to take a photo with.  

Rue de Monttessuy

Eiffel tower is a place where everyone is taking a picture.


Get more creative and find a place that not everyone knows!


As a suggestion, I recommend this street that combines Parisian architecture with a stunning angle of the Eiffel tower.    

Le Café Marly

For approximately 8 euro worth of coffee, you will get tuns of priceless pictures.


Take your time and choose your table with the best view. Also, make sure to get a seat next to the fence. 


Pictures from Parisian coffee places are very popular and together with the museum Louvre, I am sure it will rank high as your followers will fall in love with your posts!


Large Parisian Windows

Parisian windows are just so unique and fascinating. I love taking pictures next to them and I am so happy that these posts are always doing so great!


BTW, to this day the most liked picture on my Instagram is taken with a Parisian window. (over 15k likes) 


This window is located in the Museum Rodin.

Insta Mirrors

Last, but not the least, are what I call the Insta mirrors. 


So many windows are made as mirrors and it is so convenient when you want to capture your style but have no one to do it for you.


If you know a window with a nice background please share it with me in the comments!!



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